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Ventcroft 12 Core cable
Ventcroft's 12 Core 100M security cable include a strong Nylon ripcord for easy stripping.

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DSL filter Z-A431EU
The Z-A431EU alarm panel DSL filter is designed to eliminate the interference that occurs with alarm systems and ADSL service, and that often prevents proper operation of alarm panel features.

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Scantronic 500R Wireless Speech Dialler Kit
Scantronic 500R Wireless Speech Dialler Kit
The Scantronic 500R Wireless Speech Dialler Kit is a complete wireless alarm kit with a Speech Dialler.

Product Code: Scantronic 500R

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Speech Dialler Kit
Key Features

  • This kit is based on the Scantronic 500r products, which includes a fully compatible Speech Dialler.*
  • It is more cost effective than purchasing the individual components.
  • The speech dialler is supplied pre-wired and of course the elements are all fully compatible for ease of programming and installation.
  • The speech dialler itself can be used to call up to four pre-programmed telephone numbers of the customer's choice.
  • The 500r can be used with a pendant or wrist transmitter, which can be used to call for assistance in the case of an emergency.

The 500R Speech Dialler Kit is a wireless alarm system that contains the following:

  • 1x 500RUK-50 control panel
  • 1x 660UK-00 speech dialler
  • 2x 515RUK-50 passive infra-red (PIR) detectors
  • 1x Electronic sounder
  • 1x 12v 2.6Ah battery
  • 1x 535R Door contact
  • 1x 525R Set/Unset/PA
  • 1x 6 core 20 metre cable
  • Screws and rawlplugs
  • Instruction manual

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