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Ventcroft 12 Core cable
Ventcroft's 12 Core 100M security cable include a strong Nylon ripcord for easy stripping.

Price: £44.65

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DSL filter Z-A431EU
The Z-A431EU alarm panel DSL filter is designed to eliminate the interference that occurs with alarm systems and ADSL service, and that often prevents proper operation of alarm panel features.

Price: £19.99


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Kinetic Sound Bombs Kinetic Sound Bombs


Our Price: £6.20


PIR Detector Next PIR Detector Next
The Next PIR is a truly digital passive infrared detector designed for general-purpose applications. It implements a whole new generation of patented technologies including FM Digital Signal Processing (FM-DSP), "True Motion Recognition"™ with Fuzzy Logic algorithm (TMR™), and state-of-the-art 3D cylindrical optics.
Our Price: £16.25


Scantronic 536r Wireless Universal Door Contact Scantronic 536r Wireless Universal Door Contact
The 536r Wireless Universal Door Contact signals the 500r+ or 500r control unit By detecting the movement of a door or a window.
Our Price: £27.15


Scantronic 702rEUR- 00 Scantronic 702rEUR- 00

Wristwatch/Pendant radio, can be used on wrist, neck or as a broach, opeating frequency 868MHz, narrow band, 1mw, not compatible with 9x5 range.

Our Price: £49.60


Scantronic Control Panel 9651 Scantronic Control Panel 9651
The Scantronic 9651 has Fully programmable 8 zone alarm panel and an
Ideal for domestic installations as it offers exceptional value for money.
Our Price: £49.06


Scantronic Control Panel 9751EN Scantronic Control Panel 9751EN

The Scantronic 9751EN is a fully programmable, 8 zone security alarm panel designed to conform to PD6662:2004 Grade 2 system requirements.

Our Price: £145.84