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Ventcroft 12 Core cable
Ventcroft's 12 Core 100M security cable include a strong Nylon ripcord for easy stripping.

Price: 44.65

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DSL filter Z-A431EU
The Z-A431EU alarm panel DSL filter is designed to eliminate the interference that occurs with alarm systems and ADSL service, and that often prevents proper operation of alarm panel features.

Price: 19.99


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Kinetic Strobe Flashers - Blue Kinetic Strobe Flashers - Blue


Our Price: 12.00


Scantronic 703rEUR- 00 Scantronic 703rEUR- 00

Programmable 4-channel contract transmitter 

Our Price: 73.60


Scantronic 714rEUR- 00 Scantronic 714rEUR- 00

Scantronic 714rEUR- 00 Passive infrared detector, 12m, Grade 2, lock down zone

Our Price: 39.20


Scantronic 739rEUR- 50 Scantronic 739rEUR- 50

Break Glass Detector, Sentrol 5845 battery-powered, break glass detector with integral transmitter, operating frequency 868MHz narrow band 10mw.  

Our Price: 81.80


Texecom Prestige IR Texecom Prestige IR

PIR with digital pulse count. Advanced signal processing maximises detector stability.

Our Price: 9.99


Texecom Prestige TD Texecom Prestige TD

Prestige TD is a twin dual element PIR detector

Our Price: 12.99